“Mr. Kipnes,
I just wanted to thank you again for your help with these Rotary Thread Inspection Tools. Since our discussion about the excessive tightening – we have had only one unit in use for the last 2.5 months. We are still checking almost 60,000 threaded holes per week with the same unit – that is about 600,000 cycles!

We appreciate the support and for designing a unit capable of easing the work on our operators!
Best Regards”

~ Jim Gerardi, Quality EngineerChassix.com

“By using the tool, the Eaton personnel on the floor were able to perform their duties 20-30 percent FASTER than if they had used a manual thread inspection tool.”

~ Eaton Corporation, Product Design and Development – December 2010
Eaton Corporation, in Van Wert Ohio, provides production capabilities for many companies, one of them being Caterpillar.

“The tool eliminates operator hand and arm fatigue and repetitive motion injuries.”

~ Design World, Article – February 1, 2011