The price for the complete kit for inspecting sizes #8 through ¾” is $990.00.

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In use for over 10 years the Rotary Thread Gauge Inspection tool by Multimatic Products has proven itself to significantly reduce the cost of inspection while delivering high quality, accurate measurements. The mobility of the product allows for usage across multiple areas on the manufacturing floor and is considered to be an indispensable inspection tool for maintaining a high degree of quality control. With accurate dependable measurements it’s demonstrated itself to be an investment with strong ROI.


  • Decrease in Inspection Time
  • Elimination of Thread Gage Damage Due to Excessive Force
  • Elimination of Hand & Arm Fatigue/Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Battery Controlled for Easy Access Anywhere in your Facility
  • Over 4 Hours of Continuous Operation

* Both Gage and Gauge are proper and now interchangeable; gauge dates back to Anglo-French usage in the 15th century.

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