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Thread Plug Gage Powered Inspection Tool

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rotary thread inspection tool
  • Decreases Inspection Time
  • Decreases Cost
  • Is Easy to Use
  • Reduces Wear & Damage
  • Eliminates Ergonomic Injuries

See the Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool videos, specifications, features, pricing and more.


rotary thread inspection toolTaperlock Thread Plug Gages

  • Powered Thread Gage Inspection Tool Uses Taper Lock Plug Gages
  • The Taper Lock Design allows quick, convenient insertion or removal
  • See our complete line of AGD American Gage Design Taperlock Gages
  • Taperlock gages are supplied with X Tolerance in Class 2B, or 3B
  • All gages are available in UNC,UNEF, J and specials


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STAND for Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Eliminates handling abuse AND MORE

This Universal Instrument STAND has a
5" x 8" x 1.25" base with an 8" post with a clamping fixture that allows the tool to be held in any required position or height. The STAND weighs 8 lbs. with a rubber underside to prevent movement while in use. Interested? See below for contact information.

Caliper Holder Stand

See video and specifications.

Use our Universal Instrument Stand to hold the Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool, Calipers, Micrometers and MORE.

electronic digital caliper

Electronic Digital Caliper


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